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Multifamily Properties


Units : 2
Lot size:4,356

It is a Multifamily home built in 1962, currently is has a net cap rate of 11% .

In this duplex in Detroit we bought it to fix it and rent it. We improve bathrooms, kitchen and floors.

Rooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2

Detroit, Michigan

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Multifamily Properties


Albuberque, New Mexico
Units: 152
Property Description: Class C asset with concrete build.
Property Summary: Combined 113,802 of rentable ft on 8.40 acres with 8 buildings.

In this proyect Ultra High is part of the investors who bought the multifamily property to do renovations on the property, then have an exit in year 3 achieving a 17.6% IRR.

Unit Mix: 23% one bedroom, 53% two bedrooms
and 24% three bedrooms.

Parking: Combined 379 parking spots.